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The gipsy wagons by RouléRêve. ..



Stéphane Bertier is a French gypsy wagon maker. His workshop is situated close to Lyon.


All his roulottes, horse carts, circus wagons and timber wagons are individually handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces.


He constructs and decorates them according to the individual wishes and requests of his customers.


Bertier only uses natural first-quality materials and everything in the construction process – down to the smallest detail -  is crafted by hand. This guarantees optimal results.

Whether as a horse cart, circus wagon, alternative caravan, mobile home, vacation rental, guest house, camping facility or for your children to play exciting games – a roulotte can be used diversely.

Immerse yourself in the world of the mobile home and discover the roulottes by RouléRêve!



« I love the fire as my own heart.

Winds fierce and small

Rocked the Gypsy girl

And drove her far into the world.

The rains washed away my tears,

The sun-the golden Gypsy father-

Warmed my body

And wonderfully singed my heart...
the Gypsy horse neighs,

Wakes strangers

But gladdens a Gypsy heart ...

Oh how fine to live, in the night go to the river,

Catch cool fish like cold water

In your hand ... In heaven the hen and chickens

And the Gypsy wagon.… »


Gipsy Song;    [Qtd. in Ficowski 114-15]


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